How I Work

I'll use any background information you have to provide an estimate. Because I live so close to vital Kentucky archival facilities, I'm able to keep my costs down. Upon completion of my research, you'll receive a comprehensive report on your family that includes birth/marriage/death dates and locations, where they came from, their occupation, involvement in key events (such as the Civil War), and more. I'll also provide copies of any available supporting documents, such as birth/baptismal certificates, marriage licenses and newspaper clips. I don't charge for copying, however, it may be necessary to pass on the cost of purchasing official documents (usually nominal).

If you're looking for a document or bit of information to further your own research project, I can help. I can look up probate records, tax lists, marriage records, cemetery entries and city directories, copies of which I can scan and email directly to you or send via the mail. I generally perform these searches on a weekly basis and respond within 5-7 days, based on the request. Simply use the contact form to send me a request with the nature of the information or document needed, time period in question and any other pertinent details.

I do not charge mileage for trips to the state archives in Frankfort or to resource facilities in Louisville. If it's determined that a trip to the county, or counties, your ancestors came from is needed, I charge .25 cents per mile (however, these trips can often be avoided through communication with county-level contacts). Once you receive my final report, I can accept payment via Paypal, check, money order or bank draft.

Kentuckians and those who trace their ancestries to Kentucky are part of a heritage that links them to Colonial America and to the great events that shaped U.S. history. There are few pursuits more enriching than uncovering your family's place in history.

I hope we can work together to discover yours.
For more information, please contact me.